Verdi and contemporary art

Teatro Verdi has a rich history, and it is for this reason that it looks to the future in a positive and original manner. Since 2014, (its 160th anniversary), the theatre has frequently promoted young contemporary artists who work in Tuscany. It does so by providing its own foyer for temporary exhibitions of their work.

Exit Enter

Our first guest artist was Exit Enter (2014), whose work has attracted great attention. “Art is the exit from this world and the entrance to another. When in front of a blank canvas, I start to spread colour and move lines – I Exit. The act of creating exists outside of the material world, and ordinary time. To imagine is to create a projection of the mind, and with my designs I want to stimulate the viewer’s imagination. I want to get them to Enter at the moment of detachment – or in other words, the creative act”. Find out more (italian text)



The second artist to have an exhibition at the theatre was Blub (2015). As the basis of his work, he uses some of art’s most iconic images, adding a mask and snorkel, as an expression of his slogan, “art knows how to swim.” “I put the mask on art, culture and science, and I see behind a door, like a parallel world”. Find out more (italian text)



The next artist to feature was Jamesboy (2016): “I paint because I need to, because I feel a necessity. I use the street to communicate with people; it’s the best way to express myself. I work for me, and I allow complete freedom of interpretation. In my art, everyone can see what they want. It may not be nice to say, but I’ve always thought this way”. Find out more (italian text)



Since the 23th of March we host the young florentine street-artist Ninjaz‘s pieces of art. Definitely an inexhaustible artist, who produce paintings, sculptures and silkscreen printings, most recently he also started to tatoo and to carve wood. He presents pieces of art inspired by the feminine world, assembleted under the name “Il gentil sesso”. The exhibition is at the moment ongoing until the end of the artistic season. Find out more (italian text) nin900

The Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art

During the fourth edition of Play It! (2015), the foyer housed works from the Luigi Pecci di Prato Centre for Contemporary Art. The contributing artists were: Giuseppe Chiari, Daniele Lombardi, Elisabetta Gut, Silvia Mejia and Franco Ionda.
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