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The Teatro Verdi in Florence opened 160 years ago on September 10, 1854, when the, then Teatro Pagliano, curtain opened for the first time on the notes of Verdi’s opera The Viscardello which would later become Rigoletto.

The new theater, which replaced a multipurpose facility (circus, music hall, and outdoor amphitheater), was built on the ruins of the fourteenth century Stinche prison, you must Girolamo Pagliano entrepreneur, former baritone, known in his time for the famous syrup “Centerbe di lunga vita” (Centerbe long life).

Since then, this site has retained its original purpose of being a great and popular theater in the city center.

Teatro Pagliano became the Teatro Verdi in 1901. In 1998, it came under the ownership of the ORT Foundation and has since been the home of the Orchestra della Toscana.

Thanks to the care of the company Teatro Antico Pagliano for the season of prose and PRG, which organizes the pop and rock music, the Teatro Verdi still offers detailed programming of quality, varying genres, and a number of proposals.

On the occasion of its 160th anniversary, the Teatro Verdi reopened the internet domain www.teatroverdifirenze.it and began online sales, intended to be active for many years.

The new site will be able to deepen the knowledge and history of this place of performance and be a point of reference information for theater-goers.

For the complete calendar of events and to purchase tickets click here.

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